sup|port1 W2S2 [səˈpo:t US -o:rt] v [T]
1¦(agree and help)¦
2¦(be kind to somebody)¦
3¦(provide money to live)¦
4¦(give money to something)¦
5¦(hold something up)¦
6¦(prove something)¦
7¦(sports team)¦
11 support a habit
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: supporter, from Latin supportare 'to carry', from sub- ( SUB-) + portare 'to carry']
to say that you agree with an idea, group, or person, and usually to help them because you want them to succeed
The bill was supported by a large majority in the Senate.
support sb in (doing) sth
We need to support our teachers.
We strongly support the peace process.
to help someone by being sympathetic and kind to them during a difficult time in their life
My wife supported me enormously.
to provide enough money for someone to pay for all the things they need
I have a wife and two children to support .
support sb by (doing) sth
She supports her family by teaching evening classes.
support yourself
I have no idea how I am going to support myself.
to give money to a group, organization, or event etc to encourage it or pay for its costs
There are a handful of charities which I support regularly.
to hold the weight of something, keep it in place, or prevent it from falling
The middle part of the bridge is supported by two huge towers.
During sleep, our spine no longer needs to support the weight of our body.
support yourself (on sth)
I got to my feet, supporting myself on the side of the table.
if results, facts, studies etc support an idea or view, they show or prove that it is correct
The results support our original theory.
There is little evidence to support such explanations.
BrE to like a particular sports team and go to watch the games they play
Which team do you support ?
I've supported Liverpool all my life.
to provide information and material to improve a computer program or system, or to make it keep working
I don't think they support that version of the program anymore.
9.) ¦(LAND)¦
if land can support people or animals, it is of good enough quality to grow enough food for them to live
This land can't support many cattle.
if water, air, or earth can support life, it is clean enough, has enough oxygen etc to keep animals or plants alive
Because of pollution, this lake is now too acid to support fish.
healthy soil that can support plant life
11.) support a habit
to get money in order to pay for a bad habit, especially taking drugs
He turned to crime to support his habit.
support 2
support2 W2S2 n
4¦(hold something up)¦
8¦(for part of body)¦
1.) ¦(APPROVAL)¦[U]
approval, encouragement, and perhaps help for a person, idea, plan etc
Local people have given us a lot of support in our campaign.
support for
There was widespread support for the war.
in support
They signed a petition in support of the pay claim.
support of
He had the full support of the general committee.
Thompson has won the support of half the party.
The organisers are hoping to drum up support (=get many people's approval) from local businesses.
sympathy and help that you give to someone who is in a difficult situation or who is very unhappy
I couldn't have made it through those times without the support of my boyfriend, Rob.
3.) ¦(MONEY)¦ [U and C]
money that you give a person, group, organization etc to help pay for their costs
The European Union is considering whether to provide financial support for the expedition.
with sb's support
With your support, we can help these youngsters.
4.) ¦(HOLD SOMETHING UP)¦ [U and C]
something that presses on something else to hold it up or in position
The roof may need extra support.
the wooden supports of the bridge
for support
She grabbed at his shoulders for support.
5.) ¦(COMPUTERS)¦[U]
the help or information that you receive to improve a computer system, make it continue working, or use it correctly
our technical support team
a band, singer, or performer that performs for a short time at the same concert as a more famous and popular band etc
We played support to a band called Shallow.
the support band
the support act (=the support band)
7.) ¦(SOLDIERS)¦[U]
help or protection that is given by one group of soldiers to another group who are fighting in a battle
logistical support
air/ground support
(=help or protection that comes from people in aircraft or people on the ground)
something that you wear to hold a weak or damaged part of your body in the right place
back/neck/knee etc support
→↑child support, income support, life support system,moral support atmoral1 (3)

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